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A Message from Rachel

We have exciting news to share!

We are thrilled to announce that on December 31st, Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska merged with Vandenack Weaver LLC, an Omaha-based law firm offering individuals and closely held businesses a full range of legal services. Vandenack Weaver has our same “client first” philosophy that was a priority to us in making the decision to merge firms. This merger allows us to expand our related practice areas to provide you with the unmatched expertise of both firms.

Even more exciting is that WE ARE STAYING RIGHT WHERE WE ARE! Our office will continue to operate as it always has, and our staff is not changing. And you will continue to contact us in the same ways you have in the past.

Here are answers to a few questions you may have:

Who is Vandenack Weaver LLC?

Founded in 2005 by Mary Vandenack, Vandenack Weaver is a team of experienced attorneys with extensive backgrounds in business, estate planning, litigation, and tax. Vandenack Weaver shares the same relational culture and values our firm holds in high esteem. Additionally, their attorneys and support staff have embraced and developed technology to streamline the legal process, which allows them to enhance the client service experience and make it more convenient for clients.

Why did we decide to merge with Vandenack Weaver?

Mary Vandenack and I began working together in 1992 at Mary’s father’s law firm in Yutan, Nebraska. That is where our trusted working relationship first developed. It is our mission as your law firm to deliver the results you expect time and time again. By merging with Vandenack Weaver, we will continue to deliver peace of mind through expertise in our combined practice areas and additional support staff.

What does this mean for you?

The relationship you have built with me and my office team will not change. WE ARE STAYING RIGHT WHERE WE ARE! You will continue to work with us moving forward. The main benefits for you is that we will now have attorneys with additional areas of expertise and more support staff to assist you. Also, there will be another office location so you can choose the one more convenient for you. The address of the additional office is 17007 Marcy Street, Omaha (near Pacific Springs golf course).

I continue to be thankful for our ongoing business relationship, and I understand you may have more questions about this merger. If so, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling, visiting our office, or sending an email.

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