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Money Doesn't Solve Every Problem

Life Care Planning
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I thought elder law firms only helped people who needed to qualify for Medicaid and VA.

Sometimes an Estate Plan Just Isn’t Enough

Your loved one may have plenty of money to pay for whatever care he or she may need. But what does your loved one require? What products, services, and resources are available to meet those needs?

Estate plans don’t answer these questions. No matter how much money your loved one has, someone has to identify needs, find providers, make arrangements, and monitor quality. That requires time, experience, and knowledge that most people don’t have time to learn.


Sidestep the Elder Care Learning Curve

If you want your loved one’s life to be as comfortable as possible without sacrificing your career, your own family, or your lifestyle to the burdens of caregiving, the Truhlsen & Paschke Estate Planning can help, even if your loved one doesn’t need public benefits to pay for long-term care.

If you think that elder law is just for low-income people who need Medicaid to pay for the nursing home, we have news for you. The kind of elder law we practice (it’s a form of elder care law called Life Care Planning) gives even the most affluent families a single point of access to the services and support needed to manage a loved one’s elder care journey. It solves the problems that money doesn’t.

Get help with the problems that estate plans don’t solve.

Instead of struggling to shoulder the burdens of care, get more time to focus on the parts of your life that matter most, like precious moments with your elderly loved one, your family, and your friends.

Truhlsen & Paschke Estate Planning can show you how. Call 402.426.8877 to schedule your confidential consultation.

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