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Life Care Planning

A Powerful New Way to Solve an Age-Old Problem

Life Care Planning
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My father was a farmer who saved for the future. Now that he has Alzheimer’s disease, how can I make sure that we don’t lose everything he worked so hard to build?

Long life, chronic illness, and disability can create a vast array of challenges, more than any one professional discipline is equipped to address.

That’s why Life Care Planning is so revolutionary. It pulls together all the services, guidance, and support that families need. All it takes is a single phone call.

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Our team of attorneys, elder care coordinators, public benefits specialists, and other professionals work together to manage the many unknowns during your loved one’s elder care journey. Customized to meet the needs of the client, each Life Care Plan may include a variety of services, including elder law, care coordination, estate planning, asset protection strategies, trusts, Medicaid planning, VA benefits planning, guardianships, and more.

Solving the Whole Problem

Pulling together all the services, guidance, and support that families need—in a single phone call.

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The Problem Starts in an Instant

One day, your loved one is healthy. The next day, everything is different—and it often sparks a domino effect of tragedy. It’s a time of tremendous vulnerability for everyone. But don’t look to our nation’s health care system for help. It’s no more equipped to handle chronic conditions than is traditional elder law or estate planning.

The Housing Crisis

Where will your loved one live if he or she can’t live at home? Family members scramble to assess options, unaware that you always pay a premium for services arranged at the last minute.

The Financial Crisis


How will you pay for needed care? Mistakes in the public benefits qualification process are common—and costly. Family assets are often siphoned away to pay for long-term care.

A Family Crisis


The situation throws the entire family into turmoil.  The crisis can extend to relationships as the need to make decisions under pressure resurrects old conflicts and creates new ones. Family rifts are common.

Caregiver Crisis


Confusion and burnout are the norm for caregivers, especially if they’ve been holding it together on their own. Many neglect their own physical and financial health as their lives are swallowed up by caregiving responsibilities.

Caring for Elderly Ones Has Never Been Easy.

But now, it’s harder than ever. This video explains why.

Take Control of the Long-Term Care Journey

Contact Truhlsen & Paschke Estate Planning to get started on a Life Care Plan for your loved one. Call 402.426.8877 to schedule your confidential consultation.

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