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Special Needs Planning


Provide for Loved Ones with Special Needs

What is a Special Needs Planning?

If you have a child or dependent who has special needs, Special Needs Planning is the process you’ll follow to make provisions for your loved one’s health, housing, and financial security after you’re no longer able to care for them. 

Special Needs Planning Solves a Common Problem

Special Needs Planning addresses the very real possibility that if you leave an inheritance to your loved one, he or she could lose their government benefits. That’s where Special Needs Trusts can be so valuable. A Special Needs Trust provides for supplemental care and life-enhancing services and equipment beyond that which the government provides. Because the assets named in a Special Needs Trust are not considered countable assets, the Trust does not hinder the disabled person’s eligibility and qualification for government “needs-based” benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), vocational rehabilitation, or subsidized housing.

Expertise Delivered with Compassion

At Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska, we understand the sensitive nature of Special Needs Planning. In addition to drafting Special Needs Trusts, we work closely with parents and caregivers to develop a well-thought-out plan for loved ones who will require lifetime care. We will perform an assessment of public benefits currently received, an assessment of assets to be transferred into the Trust, outline the steps necessary to create the Trust, draft the proper documents, and help with the transfer or the alignment of assets into the Trust. 


Lay the Groundwork for a Secure Future

Let Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska help you protect loved ones who are counting on you for support. Schedule your confidential consultation today to get started. Call (402) 426-8877 or email us.

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