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Expert Guidance and Compassionate Support through Every Season of Life

Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska helps clients navigate the legal, financial, residential, and personal challenges created by expected—and unexpected—life transitions, including aging, chronic illness, and disability. The firm’s attorneys, elder care coordinators, and other professionals work together to provide skillful and compassionate guidance that empowers families to respond with confidence to the many twists and turns throughout the journey. 

Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska is dedicated to protecting what matters most to families: quality of life for loved ones, family wealth, and peace of mind. 


About the Firm

Welcome to Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska


Our Story

Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska got its start 23 years ago when attorney Rachel Truhlsen made the decision to launch her own law firm. After finishing law school and working for a few small firms, Rachel’s vision for her future as an attorney began to take shape. She envisioned creating a firm that would allow for work/life balance. She envisioned creating a practice that involved working with families and building long-term relationships. It didn’t take long for her to discover that estate planning was a natural fit. 

Though the firm’s name has evolved over the years, Rachel’s vision has stood the test of time. Closely tuned in to the needs of her older clients, Rachel discovered that she could provide even greater value to those client relationships by adding more services, including elder law and Life Care Planning, a holistic approach to elder law she introduced in 2018. Today, Rachel and her team serve clients throughout Nebraska from offices in Blair. 

Why Work with Us?

No other elder law firm offers as much as Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska. But what truly sets us apart is our approach. We are not your typical law firm.

  • You’ll love working with a client-centered law firm that delivers customized solutions.
    There is no “one size fits all.” You won’t find templates here. Everything we do is custom. Thanks to the many powerful planning tools and strategies at our disposal, including Life Care Planning, you’ll receive services that are personalized for your situation. This puts you in the driver’s seat, especially if someone you love is on the elder care journey. You’ll avoid costly bad decisions and end up with more money to use to enhance your loved one’s quality of life—or to leave for the next generation.
  • We help everyone, even those who don’t need public benefits to pay for long-term care."
    If you think that elder law is just for low-income people who need Medicaid to pay for the nursing home, we have news for you. The kind of elder law we practice (it’s a form of elder care law called Life Care Planning) gives even the most affluent families a single point of access to the services and support needed to manage a loved one’s elder care journey. It solves the problems that money doesn’t.
  • You’ll appreciate how we offer support over time.
    After developing your customized plan of action, at every decision point during the elder care journey (and there are usually many), we present your options and help you evaluate those alternatives based upon your values and goals. Working with your Life Care Planning Team surrounds you with skilled and compassionate advisors who help you evaluate the financial, legal, residential, and personal implications of each care option. That means you can relax and enjoy peace of mind today, knowing that you’re ready for whatever the future might bring.
  • We build relationships.
    Rather than looking at your situation as a series of impersonal transactions, we take the time to get to know your family, your needs, and your goals. Our flat fee billing for Life Care Planning is a natural reflection of this relational approach. From creating a couple’s first estate plan to protecting an older relative’s rights during a long-term illness, think of Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska as lifelong advisors who you can return to again and again as you move through life’s seasons.
  • You’ll enjoy a single point of access to services and support.
    Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska connects you with everything you might need during your own or a loved one’s elder care journey, including estate planning, elder law, care coordination, care advocacy, financial services, real estate support, and more, which makes it easier to respond to whatever happens along the way. You’ll spend less time researching options because we’ll show you what’s available and where to go. We will also show you how all the services fit together to meet your loved one’s needs.
  • You’ll receive expert guidance delivered with unparalleled skill and compassion.
    The experience of working with us is markedly different than that of other law firms, even elder law and estate planning firms. For us, compassion and law aren’t mutually exclusive. We work hard to create a welcoming, intimidation-free environment. You won’t feel like you’re visiting a lawyer when you come see us!

You're Going to Love Working with Us!

Learn more about what sets us apart from the rest. Contact Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska to get started on a Life Care Plan for your loved one. Call (402) 426-8877 to schedule your confidential consultation. 

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