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Fun Facts: 1650 Washington Street

The building that houses Truhlsen Elder Care Law of Nebraska has been around for more than a century. While we don't have information about every business that has once occupied this space, we do know that in the 1920s, 1650 Washington Street was home to a store owned by James Mose, an immigrant from Denmark. If you look closely, you will see that ice cream wasn't the only thing you could buy here. Based on the signage, James also sold cigars, tobacco, pipes, Victrolas (old-time phonographs), and the records to play on them. You could also buy boxes of Whitman's chocolates, treats many of us still enjoy today. The magazines in the window suggest that there might have also been a newsstand inside, a place where Blair residents could go every day to get their newspaper.

Though we don't know what happened to James or the store he ran, we do know that 1650 Washington Street is still a great place to be. Here's how the building looks a century later.

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